Miriam Cavallin

Makeup Artist

The secret of makeup art is to express your creativity through the body of another, bringing its hidden beauty to the surface. It is my love for beauty that made me choose this profession years ago.

From South Tyrol to the world,

how I became a makeup artist

I made my first steps in the world of makeup in Vipiteno, a small town in South Tyrol. I was born there and there I opened my first beauty studio. I was 21 and had been working for some time already. Thanks to this work experience I discovered my talent and it helped me understand that I could step out, become self-employed and make it on my own.

In the last seven years my business has grown rapidly and soon I recruited and trained personally three employees. I have never given up the beauty studio. Within its walls I experiment new techniques and continue to learn from the relationship with customers, because it is the daily work that helps me improve continuously.

I love my studio, but I never settled for that dimension. The more I worked the more I realized that makeup art is an ever-expanding universe. Soon I decided to explore it.

London was the next step in my career. Here I attended the Academy of Freelance Make-up (AOFM). The school gave me the possibility not only to study with some highly qualified makeup artists but also to gain experience in the world of fashion.

In the past I did some photo shoots for Südtirolerin, a famous South Tyrolean women’s magazine. But in London, between fashion shows and photo shoots, I experienced an open and international working environment I had never found at home.

The world as a horizon,

fashion as a challenge

So far my entire career has been one long search for new horizons. Many times I could have been content with what I had created and yet I continued to strive and pursue my dreams.

My weapons? Makeup, matching of colors, eyelash extension and nail art. These are the techniques I use to refine the style that I have chosen.

With this wealth of experience now I choose the world as my horizon, and fashion as a challenge. Working in fashion is what I want to do. Earn the chance to express myself in a very difficult world is an incentive to improve and grow. And who knows, if in a few years I will not have the luck to see one of my works on the cover of Vogue… After all to think big is not a sin.